524 S. 2nd Street Milwaukee, WI 53204


12pm - 7pm



"Low Plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer"

In 2016 Anthony Bourdain and President Obama shared a $6 bowl of noodles and a cold beer in Hanoi Vietnam. Now more than ever we need good people, good food, good drink, and good deal. This is why our "Skeleton Crew" will be taking over Movida to prepare $5 noodles with a cold beer for as long as necessary.


Thai Chili Peanut 

Peanut butter, Brown Sugar, Ginger, Honey, Soy Sauce, Thai Chili Sauce

Dragon Chicken Noodles

Fried chicken pieces, house hoisin sauce, shredded cabbage, green onion, lime

Noodles for Others

Looking for a way to help?

We've had such a high volume of community supporters looking for ways to help others, this is how! Online Orders can be placed to purchase the meals for front-line workers in healthcare, hospitals, or any service

1. Go To "Order Online"

2. Select "Meal Donation" from the dropdown menu

3. Choose how many meals you would like to provide and any special instructions or specific places you want to see the meals go.



Spicy Ginger Beef 

Szechuan ground beef, yellow onion, ginger, lemon juice, soy, rice vinegar, green onion, cilantro



Sangria Lab

"Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping" - Mr. Rogers

We can all use the support, every little bit helps so If you'd like to purchase Gift Cards as meals for anyone please do so here, we'll appreciate it too!


 We're here with you Milwaukee, we're all in this together.